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Vision Part 1

Unity helps us

 work together.

We have to understand each other. If I can´t understand you, then it´s difficult to work together.

We have divided this into 4 categories:

1. ONE in Christ.

    One building; different blocks

    a. Believers are all together a Temple where the Spirit of God dwells.

    b. Each believer is not a Temple.

    c. Each believers is one piece of this building and is given gifts and

        abilities by God to help in the building up of the church.

    d. If we want to work together more effectively, we need to learn to

        understand the place that God has given each person.

2. ONE in faith.

    One Faith; different experiences

    a. People may have the same faith in Jesus Christ, but they may have                different experiences. 

    b. We come to faith in different ways, and also experince different

        things as believers.

    c. We get into trouble when we believe that other people need to

        experience exactly what I experience.

    d. This is why it is important that our faith is built on the truth of God´s

        word, rather than on our experiences. Our experiences can be very

        different. But God´s word stays the same.

3. ONE goal.

    One destination; different beginnings

    a. The end goal of every believer is eternity with Christ.

    b. But we have all come from very different places in life.

    c. Sometimes it´s hard to understand the many different Christians who

        are on the same path towards eternity as I am. But once I take some

        time to look at where they have come from; family, country, struggles, 

        etc., then it all makes sense.

    d. Once we have learned to understand where others have come from,

         it helps us to work together with them towards our same end goal.

4. ONE mission.

    One mission; different workers

    a. We are all a part of the same main mission of spreading the Gospel

        all over the world.

    b. But believers have different roles within this work.

    c. This part of our vision has to do with learning to understand the 

        different gifts and abilities that God has given us all.

    d. I can do things that you can´t do. You can do things that I can´t do.

    e. If we learn to use our differences together, then we can be

        more effective in the one main work of the church:

        reaching the world for Christ.

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