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About Membership

When we have become born again, we are automatically placed as a member into Gods holy church, together with all other believers all over the world.

We believe that if you walk into any local church and you are a Christian, that automatically makes you responsible to bless others, serve, give, pray for, and help in any way that you can regardless of wheter you are an official member in that church or not. This is what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. If your desire is not to bless and serve wherever you go then you are not being faithful in your calling as a believer.

For all believers:

All believers can do the following at Erwakjunk Kjoakj:

    1. Join in any events which the church offers: Bibel studies,

        training, etc.

    2. Serve in various positions such as: usher, children´s teacher, babysitting,

        cleaning, song leading, etc.

The church leadership oversees these positions and can remove anyone from a postion if there are concerns.

For official Erwakjunk members:

    1. Head leadership positions are only available for official members.

    2. Receive financial information about the church.

    3. Take part in some of the more important decisions that are made for the church.

    4. Attend bi-annual meetings where church plans and progress are discussed

        more in depth.

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