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Our Mission

"To reach, strengthen, and train the Low German world to share the Gospel."


So what does that mean exactly?

1. We as a church want to focus on Low German ministry.

2. We don´t want to make our goal too broad. Rather, we want to focus mainly on improving the quality of Low German biblical teachings and material which we want to use to reach our colonies and also to help other churches and ministries in various places in the world.

3. Our goal, as a group, is to reach, strengthen, and to train the Low German world.

a. But, the Low German people that we reach, strengthen, and train, will be called to various other ministries that may or may not relate to Low German ministry.

b. Whatever your personal ministry and calling is, we want to strengthen you to be able to do it.

c. But as a church group, we want to do it in Low German.

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