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Vision Part 2

Connection helps us

live together.

Connection is more personal then unity.

The most common way that the Bible speaks about

Christianity is that it is a family.

We as Erwakjunk Kjoakj realize that if we want to become stronger,

we need to strengthen the families.

In our logo you can see that we have put family into three layers.

My family - Church family - God´s family

1. My Family

    This means my personal family.

We need to strengthen husbands, wives, children and parents. Our personal families need to be a place of protection for one another. We are all looking after each other. Husbands look after there wives. Wives look after there husbands. Parents look after there Children. Children look after there parents. When our personal families are stronger; then our church is stronger.

2. Church Family

 This means our local congregation.

Sometimes my family needs help. For that, we have our local family; the church. We need to strengthen the connections between families in the church so that when one family is in need, others can step in. We take car of each other in the church. The local church is important for every believer. All of the local congregations in the world make up God´s family.

3. God´s Family

This means all of the believers in the world.

Sometimes our local church needs help or support. For such times, we have God´s family over the whole world. We need to strengthen our connections with other churches in orderd to receive support when we need it, and also to support others when they need it.

Connections doesn´t happen by itself. Therefore, there are many ways in which we plan on purposefully strengthening our connections in these three ways.

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