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Our Values


Holy Living

Richly Giving

Here is a picture of a weighing scale. You will notice the two sides:

Holy Living - Richly Giving


The reason that we have this on a weighing scale is because both of these things are important for us as Christians.

     1. We can´t just say that we believe holy living is important but neglect to use the 

         time, money, and gifts that we have received for God. 

     2. In the same way we can´t just give from our time, money, and gifts and then 

         say that Holy living is not important.


We need a balance of both sides in our lives.

     1. Holiness needs to a part of our life.

     2. Giving needs to be a part of our life.

As a church we want to build on these values.

Holy Living - Richly Giving

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